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I have a 2008 S5 4.2 V8 with 72,000 miles. My problem started with a stiff clutch pedal, it felt very hard to push down and my leg would get tired city driving. It was hard to put into first gear if i didnt have the clutch put all the way into the floor but other gears seemed fine. I left it to an independent Audi Specialist who immediately told me its the pressure plate.
So i purchased a LUK clutch and flywheel and spent a total of approx £1.5k on having it replaced. When i got the car back the clutch felt great. But now just 6 weeks later and maybe 300 miles driven its back being stiff again. I phoned the same Audi Guy and he told me that it sounds like it could be a faulty pressure plate again.
I looked up the issue here and asked him are you sure its not the master cylinder or slave cylinder causing the issue, he said no that if its the master cylinder the pedal would stay on the floor.
I'm concerned now as, although he said the pressure plate is under warranty, i could be out a lot of money again on replacing it since i supplied the parts bought from AutoDoc. Could the issue be something else. Is the clutch not hydraulically assisted like the brakes, as with the engine switched off the clutch feels no different to when running.
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