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RS55 VAG'S Build Thread - 4.2 V8 S5

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Hi all, so I am new to the forum but not exactly new to the A5 scene.

I had a 2.0tdi S-Line A5 for approx. 1 year until a few weeks ago it was time to bite the bullet and get an S5. After spending an age looking at all sorts which for one reason or another were not quite right I eventually found this one.

Found it on Autotrader 2 minutes after the listing went live, flew from Southampton to Aberdeen on the Friday and drove it all the way home 10.5 hours (and what a 10.5 hours of fun it was!).

Spec: 2007 4.2 V8 S5, 51k, Piano Black, Black Leather, Carbon Trim, MMI, Keyless Entry, Lighting Pack, Comfort Pack etc etc - and owned by an absolute perfectionist.

Plans for the car are as follows:
- KW2 Coilovers
- Millteck Cat Back system with GT-80 tips (non resonated)
- 20mm wheels spacers all around
- A few VagCom Tweaks
- German Pressed Plates with personal plate RS55 VAG (waiting for previous owner to transfer old plate off).

I have lots planned for the car however I wanted to get some photos before I start "tinkering" with it so here they are:

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All back together - the only thing I haven't missed about the car....the fuel station stops....

Only part outstanding is the RS5 grill from Hong Kong which is currently somewhere in the air.

Watch this space...

Milltek should arrive by next weekend as well - fingers crossed.
Good news mate! Did you go to airlift today phil? Didnt see you there. A bloke there had a newer shape S5 with revo remap, all sorts of mods. Looked and sounded incredible
No I was putting the car back together until about 5pm.

Wanted to go to the show in Silverstone tomorrow DC14 but no money left now after all the money Audi has had from me.
love the ride height on there. standing by for more updates
Car is back together now - still trying to find a bodyshop I trust to respray the front bumper and bonnet.

Loving the RS5 front grill which arrived yesterday. Excellent quality.

Will be lowering the back by approx. 10mm tonight and the front needs a minor adjustment on one side. Then will go and get some photos to upload on here - watch this space.
Saw your S5 in the car park today Phil. Went and had a nose. Love the RS5 grille. Looks lovely!
Bit of an update....

The last few days I have been finishing off the last little bits and pieces to the front end. RS5 grill arrived from Hong Kong (from the recommended seller on ebay who also nocked off £30 for mentioning this forum).

Grill arrived well packaged and safely. Very happy with the quality of it as per other people recommendations.

RS5 Front Center Grille A5 1.8 2.0 3.2 cabriolet 3.2 4.2 TFSi 3.0 TDi quattro | eBay

The last few clips and o ring seals from Audi also collected today.

What seems like a bag of expensive Audi S5 air is actually 2 small cir clips for the new throttle servo and linkage.

And a cheeky shopping carpark photo

Just need to attach the front number plate and change the foglights now.
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Saw your S5 in the car park today Phil. Went and had a nose. Love the RS5 grille. Looks lovely!
Thanks mate - a few of us will be at the Beaulieu custom show tomorrow if you are around and about.
Today I had an exciting photo from my mate whose house I had arranged for the Milltek system to be delivered to - it had arrived :)

Without wasting any time it was jacked in the air, ramps under the wheels and started spraying all the bolts ready for them to come off.

The old system was removed very easily, in fact its the easiest system I have ever removed.

After removing the old system it was just a case of offering up the old vs new to make sure everything bolted in the same positions and then swapping over the rubber mounts.

Then the tricky part...making sure the backboxes sit correctly, not too far in, not too far out, not too wonky, and not too close to the diff and rear mounts. After around half an hour of gaffing it was finally finished. Total job took 1.5hrs from start to finish and that included unpacking and packing all the tolls away.

Overall very pleased with it. It has a much deeper grumble to the exhaust note and its starting to "bed in" already - i.e. its getting louder.

There is certainly a drone at approx. 2k rpm but this has already been well documented by other people with the system so I'm not fussed.
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Milltek settling in nicely now - some final tweaks to do over the weekend how the stainless has had a change to heat up and expand slightly.

DVLA paperwork arrived today so also able to put the plates on.

Then lowered the rear end just approx. 10mm now I'm happy with how it sits for now.

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Things have been quite quiet recently on the car front... is currently in the body shop and is getting a new bonnet, front bumper de-shone chipped and fully resprayed, both wings de- stone chipped and resprayed, new V8 badges (due to having to be removed for the respray), and gloss black foglight grills.

Should be ready to collect on Friday.

Will get some photos up as soon as I have cleaned and waxed it.

Fingers crossed.
Photos from the body shop this evening - its ready to collect tomorrow morning.

In Pro:


Hope all is ok with the work he has done - fingers crossed or its staying there until its right. If all ok tomorrow, then its going to be a day of building back up the wax that I had to remove prior to it going in for paint.

Show on Sunday.
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Looking good mate, just need a supercharger now:thumbsup:
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