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RS5 Oil Cooler leak

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Well for just about a week I’ve had a real void in my life. There was an empty space in the garage as the RS was away for a little maintenance.
I discovered a drop of oil on the garage floor after it returned from its annual service. What had happened is I picked up a stone that had found it’s way through the front lower splitter and punctured a soft alloy fin in the cooler unit. Audi quoted over £800+ Vat for the cooler itself with their labour for a front off repair escalating the price considerably. So I found a trusted (and quality) specialist who saw me all right. Anyway new cooler fitted with my old one returned so I can get it repaired as that’s all it will need rather than a full recore.
On my journey home I thoroughly enjoyed the RS back in my life and I know she too was happy to be reunited as she was singing VERY loudly for me maximising the exhaust gasses she can now expell from her lungs with the cheeky wee exhaust upgrade she has just been treated to a few weeks ago.
Here’s some pics of the front off oil cooler replacement.


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WOW that looks GREAT Fergus well done!!!!
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WOW that looks GREAT Fergus well done!!!!
Simon, it was an essential repair but it’s went away with some funds that could have been spent on mods. Just unlucky I suppose but now I realise how exposed my cooler is to stone damage.
Good observation mate!!! Most modern motorbikes have a guard to protect the radiator(s) cos many now have an oil radiator as well as the normal water rad. And as you well know the more powerful the engine then the more cooling is required, as otherwise power is lost in heat. My Yamaha MT10 has a detuned version of the R1 engine and runs at 75 ish degrees on the motorway, but as soon as you get into traffic the temp shoots up over 100 degrees and sets off the fan!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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