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RS5 Matte Metallic Build

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Hey guys!

I haven't been very active since signing up and posting my only thread about picking up my S5 last November!

New and S5 OEM+ - December 1st 2013.

Well, things are going great and I spoke to my friend and dealer about an RS5! The deal went through and I pick her up on Saturday!

Some terrible phone photos:


So I will pick her up on Saturday and have some fun then I am heading straight off to Ambient Graphics to have her wrapped in 3M M227 - Matte Metallic Blue.

I'll be sure to take more pics when I pick her up, and I'll get some pics inside Ambient Graphics of the wrap going on!

Comments welcome please :p
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Very nice, lucky man.
Think the wrap is a good idea, personal opinion but think a lot of the cars curves are lost with black on black with black wheels aswell.
Think the colour you've chosen will look great
can't wait to see this one! Are you running the black wheels with the blue?
Are they doing the door shuts ?
Personally I love the black edition on black with black wheels! Maybe I'm just a fan of black! (Looks seriously menacing on the road)

But The wrap colour looks good too so I'm sure it'll look nice once it's done. (No A/S/RS5 doesn't look good!)

(ps: if you're not keeping the wheels....... ;))
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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