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rs5 day 1 to now

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It all started in June 2012, i had just took my S3 in for service at the local dealership, and to pass time thought I’d take out the new rs3 they had.
i was disappointed and the salesman was shocked, it wasn’t a patch on my S3 which was stage2+. I asked what else they had that could tempt me; this is where the love affair starts.

The rs5, i looked around and was impressed by the looks and toys, he then started it up and switched to dynamic. Bang i was sold.

Here’s a few pics from the day test drove and then picked her up.


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First thing done was tint front windows, then due to a little slide i damaged a wheel in the snow.
Perfect excuse to replace the wheels, i did look at rotors but every Audi now has them, so i went for Rohana rc10s 20x10 with Toyo 275/30/20


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I loved the sound of the V8 and the way the valves changed the sound. mine was fitted with the Audi sports exhaust, however searching thru eBay i found the super sprint X pipe, i put in a cheeky offer and he accepted.
i couldn’t believe it, i picked it up and it was like new, i had a friend fit and he said it was so easy and looks top quality.

we then started it, what a sound, i couldn’t believe how much it changed, we went for a drive and boy it turned some heads.

unleash the V8 defo a mod a would recommend to all

then the usual few mods of black audi rings front and back, then mirrors.

filters changed for ITG


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service time and pads and discs due to be changed, so more of a upgrade then mod.

wave discs fitted and DS2500 pads, improvement overstandard.

pic of number plate removed, pity we cant get away with that in the uk


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So that’s the story so far,

To do list

Lowering springs or coil overs
Hydro dip engine parts in carbon
Carbons wrap front lip and rear diffuser

Supercharger, though just spent the money for that on another toy, owned by Audi so not too bad.

Will add more as i go along unless the R8 V10+ replaces the rs




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Wavy discs behind those wheels looks very nice! I'll be keeping my eye on this thread!

Don't forget to post pics before and after lowering :thumbsup:

Looks awesome! Only thing i don't really like is the mirror caps painted black as i think the silver ones look awesome already! But its all down to personal taste and if you like it who cares :)
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