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Sorry to not have done this sooner at the request of some of you.

So I present to you my Sepang Blue RS5.

It was delivered at my dealer on Friday Nov 26th 2010.
list of standard and optionnal stuff difers country by country.

Find below a exhaustive list of things I ticked on my order form:

* Black Optic pack Audi Exclusive
* Ceramic brakes (6 piston calipers, 380mm/38mm discs)
* 20 inch Rotor (titane) wheels
* Dynamic steering
* Sport Differential
* Bucket Seats black nappa leather and light grey stiches
* MMI Navigation Plus (includes CD changer, B&O, et AMI)
* Bluotooth phone including SIM card holder in the car
* Audi Hill Assist
* Cruise Control
* Audi parking System Plus with camera
* Highway lights Assistant
* Homelink
* Advanced Keyless system
* Ext mirrors electrically folding
* interior mirror with day/night automatic switch
* Carbon Design package (engine compartment)
* Trunk Module


* Steering wheel and gearshift knob in black suede
* back of the bucket seats painted in sepang blue

At the dealer the front and rear glasses were tinted in 80%

Some pictures of the day of the delivery

A full project was already scheduled on this RS5 and already many things are already done:

* Satelite alarm system METASAT - DONE
* Improvement of the OEM B&O sound system with modifications on the lower frequency side fo things (enclusure, amp, AUDICONTROL epicenter). All of it covered with black alcantara - DONE
* Carbon part on the dashboard (behind the steering wheel)
* Roof ceiling in dark grey alcantara - DONE
* Interior upholstery redone (since AUDI did not accept to do what I wanted) with a combinaison of black nappa leather with blue stiches and blue alcantara - DONE
* Airbox covers in carbon - IN PROCESS
* Carbon layer on top of the roof
* KW V3 Suspension with lowering of the car by about 3cm/1.25 inches - DONE
* 21 forged RS QUATTRO wheels with 275/25/21 Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX GT tires (10X21 ET26) - BEING ENGINEERED
* Engine remapping + max speed limitor removal - IN PROCESS
* Exhaust changed with a Capristo versions with valve system managed by a control box monitoring the back pressure - DONE

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On december 12th, I tested a 21 inch Q7 wheel (10X21 ET44 with 20mm tailor made spacer) on the RS5 on the front then on the rear... each time, i made a little tour in a roundabout to check potential rubbing.... adn good news it doest rubb. there is more room in the front then in the rear very different than A5/S5 chassis...

On the rear its prety tight... here are some pics

a pic with front wheels mounted:

same on the rear:

To see how tight it is on the rear I pisitioned one side of the rear on a bump to haev it go inside the fender on that side by about 2 cm or 0.75 inches
here is the pic:

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Be carefull with what follows... if your a re too sensitive this might break your heart...

Imagine a RS5 with no interior.... OUCH... but in real life, one has to sufer ot improve...

Here are some pics of some parts removed:
buckets seats:

other parts (side pannels, rear seats):

and the picture that hurts, a pic of the inside with nothing looks weird:

and now two pics of the roof ceiling being taken care of to have it with dark grey alcantara: (50% done on the pic)


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Some pics of the inside finished:

The blue of the pics are not very realistic (its a little darker in reality, the blue of the side pannels are closer)

Roof ceiling in black alcantara

The panel behind the rear seats also in black alcantara

some stuff being made for the sound system improvement:

enclosure being covered with black alcantara

same enclosure done (just missing the subwoofers...)

Here is where the amp and 10F power cell is going:

The part (not yet covered) that will go on top of previous part:

the trunk with some parts in to check:

One of the side trunk panel (right one actually) with an opening to be able to go there if needed:

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To have special designed 21 inch 3 part forged wheels for the RS5, I went to Miami early february, meet the ADV.1 guys and signed a contract with them for exclusive private label RS QUATTRO forged wheels.

I met Jordan and Miguel, cool guys.
here they are (Miguel on the left and Jordan at teh right):

When we arrived, it was clear I had arrived at teh right place, a white Gallardo was showing around.

this is the one:

A corvette as well was nearby...

At miami, its design and sales office. Production is in Calfornia. I was invited to go to Cliforanis to check the factory but it was too tight in our schedule ot make it work.

SPEC of the wheels will be 3 part 10X21 ET26 (ROTOR look bicolor with one spoke written RS QUATTRO and center hole allowign to place the OEM AUDI caps.

Finish will be as desired. exterior lip can be polished, polie with varnish , chrome, brushed or painted (always using powder technology whih is much lighter and stronger).
The center can be of one color or two colors (like the titane OEM rotor).

We can also know sell the ADV1 wheels in our area in Europe (with exception of Germany).
All wheels being tailor made with diameter, width and ET as desired by customer

Really happy to have taken a plane from Europe to go to Miami
I did come back dead though.

We had a bite at one of the italien restaurants at miami beach which we had to go since their name is "QUATTRO" as shown on this pic:

On saturday we had some free time we went to see the everglades.

A little video sequence taken with my Iphone on these airboats that go pretty fast at about 60Km/h or 40miles/h on the water.

Its a great feeling. we have the feeling that you are sliding on the water and driving like a car on curves sideways... lots o fun...
YouTube - everglades-airboat tour.MOV

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We then worked on the air filters...

It appears that the original filters partially obstructs the air intake air boxes in the car thus affecting the airflow. On top of that, the OEM botom foam tends to come off and this after only 3600 miles!
photo of the original filter:

The new filters are made of foam and are thinner thus allowing optimal air flow. The flow is thus improved by 11%.

And on the dyno ?
We simply replaced the two OEM paper filters by foam filters with better design and this has led to a power gain of 6 HP and 9 Nm of torque without any further modification!

No doubt its worth it on a RS5 !

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What a beauty. I'm so jealous.
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