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I was thinking on those as well. Considering it´s going to be such a hassle to correctly install the RS4 replicas, I guess that the S5´s are an interesting option.

Now that you mention these rims, I recall reading somewhere in the forum that the Hartman S5´s have a problem when trying to put the original hubcaps. Apparently they don´t quite fit. You would be forced to use the Hartman ones.

Do you know anything about this?
Hi hajossy,

You are correct about the center cap on the Hartmann S5 wheels, the stock center caps do not fit the Hartmann wheels. So for now, the only option is to use the "Achtuning" caps; the guys at Achtuning/Hartmann are working on a mod to allow for adding Audi emblems to the Achtuning caps but they didn't give me a time frame for when they were going to have it.

Personally, I think they made a big mistake in not supporting the stock caps, that will make some people think twice about buying. (FYI, there are generally a few S5 & A5 wheel sets in the group-buy section -- including mine, which are cheaper than the Hartmann replicas). :D

Good luck with your decision.
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