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RS Tyre Pressures

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What is the correct tyre pressures to be using on the RS. I know this label says 41psi and 35psi for the 20” wheels I’ve got but I’ve never in my life ran over 40psi on a car. I’d think the tyres were over inflated and I’d wear them incorrectly rather than a nice overall even wear. What’s you guys/gals thoughts?
I’m currently running approx 34psi all round for two people.


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Just noticed it should be 36 & 32psi - the bottom set of pressures on the label. So I’m not far off with 34 all round. I’ll adjust them at the weekend.
What’s the difference between 97W & 97Y?
I have Y rated (Michelin 4S) 275 30 20" and at 36/32 the car is too sticky & steering feels heavy, whereas at 42/39 it feels too jumpy and light on tight bends at speed, so I have found that 39/36 is ideal (without passengers or luggage) for my B8 3.0 Tdi Cab which is 45 kg lighter than the B8 RS5.
Racks- I wouldn't recommend those ZZ's either as they have inner tubes..
Know exactly what you mean with heavy steering. Will give your recommended pressures a go see if it feels better.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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