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2014, S5 Cabrio, B8.5, Stage 1, multiple cosmetic mods
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I haven't had much luck when it has come to alloy wheels on my 2014 S5. I had a minor slow motion crash in the snow in 2021 that broke two of my alloys (front right and rear right), so decided to sell the other two that weren't affected and bought an aftermarket 'R8' style set of 4 on Ebay for just under £800 (somehow no other part of the car was damaged, not even the paintwork).

Fastforward just over a year and all four of the replacement alloys have been cracked (some in multiple locations) due to those pesky potholes all over UK roads. I had two welded, but it was only when a local mechanic pointed them out to me when up on the ramp (you wouldn't know unless you looked at the insides of the wheels) and said it was an MOT failure that I decided to begin shopping around for a new set.

I've done quite a bit more research on cast, flow form and forge manufacturing processes so that I hopefully don't make the same mistake this time and looking to spend a bit more this time round. Question I've got is, 'does anyone have any experience using Riviera Wheels?' I'm particularly interested in the RF101 set in gloss black, primarily because they are 'flow formed' (how they look being an obvious consideration too) so am hoping they are stronger than the set I bought on ebay which are almost certainly just cast wheels.

Thank you in advance!
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