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Retrofit DAB

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Anyone done this?
Is it possible and what are the costs please?

Did a search but you can't search for DAB as its too short :confused:
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I think it works out around £500 :confused:

Booster: since your car has nav, it has MMI High, basically same system as in an 2004-2008 A6. MMI area is a good place to look for info on these:

DAB is easy to fit, to you need a DAB module, a new antenna array with DAB and whatever options you have now, TV etc. And the wiring harness. Takes approx 1 hour to fit

You can probably find more info present there just by looking, or you could ask there.

I don't know if A5 has the DAB antenna standard. It might. Then you may need new antenna amplifiers, the DAB module and wiring.

You can get the parts here:

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Cheers for the info both. I think I might send a message to Craigyb!!
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