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Requirements for stage 2 remap

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Hi all I have an Audi A5 tfsi Quattro 208bhp 2008. It currently has a stage 1 remap and a basic pippercross panel filter. Does anyone know the exact requirements for a stage 2 remap. I want to add as much bhp as possible without going to stage 3 can someone suggest every upgrade I can do to achieve this apart from a bigger turbo. Getting anywhere close to 300 would be amazing I think my stage 1 is around 261 bhp currently
Many thanks.
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Anything close will be good for now 275/280 bhp would be great I will go down the K04 route one day, Iv literally just got it back from an engine rebuild (timing chain went) 2.6K later owch!

The supporting mods you are suggesting are getting done the best I possibly can. A question on the fuel pump Iv herd it’s only needed for stage 3 but I’d like it done now anyway, what would you suggest a s3 or? Would the s3 need to be the same year they do look slightly different.

Haha some jet fuel could do the trick 🤣

Thanks for the reply new to the forum.
Yes this is my 1st built car so I want to mod it the best I can.

No not interested in a s3 I love the A5 shape, new engine rebuild with a new Matt satin wrap and powder coated black gloss original 18s.
The upgraded fuel pump needed what would you recommend? Would an s3 same age fuel pump do the trick?

Alex did you go for the 3.0TDI Quattro 😏
I wouldn’t upgrade the fuel pump as of yet, it’s not the best bang for buck. Also only really needed further in the build when you have the bigger turbo set up.

if you don’t go past 300 then there’s more probably not much point in touching the fuel pump now that I think about it 🤔

And yes, I have the 3.0 TDI Quattro, stage 1 remap got me to 310 horses and just under 600nm with dyno result printout. all stock too which is brill.

I’ll leave that one out till the stage 3 comes along then. I did see a decent priced k04-106 which is just a upgraded K03 version but it’s balanced at 280bhp not sure how much of an upgrade that is from the stock turbo or with mods on top can achieve more than 280bhp it isn’t a Chinese version and it’s only £700.

My last 3 cars have been mapped diesels absolutely love the torque and mpg I thought I’d go back to petrol for a change … already regretted it I bet it pulls like a train 😏
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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