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Hi I have a Audi A5 b8 2.0 tfsi Quattro currently running a stage 1 REV0 map with REVO cone air intake and resonator delete. I am jumping to a stage 3 with a CTS K04-X which they claim can achieve up to 400bhp

I have already to be installed :
Malian Downpipe
A custom 3 inch duel cat back booked in
REVO intake
GFB diver valve
Turbo muffler delete
NGK iridium plugs
R8 coil packs
Darkside developments upgraded FMIC
All silicon hoses and aluminium charge pipes
Brand new HPFP which I’m upgrading the internals

My main question is do I need the upgraded HPFP and do I need upgraded injectors.
If I need the injectors do I need s3 or rs4 and I really can’t find which ones are correct for my car so a part number would be very helpful.
Really appreciate any info and any advise is welcome.
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