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I can't see an issue with just replacing the one at 10,000 miles. These things are designed to do 100,000 miles and operate optimally to about 60,000 miles. After you have done about 2,000 miles on the new shock, you will have a 'matched pair' for all intents and purposes.

Further to this, on UK roads, expecially if you live in a rural area, the nearside (left) front shock will wear out 20% faster than the off-side, due to the roads having more 'undulations' near the verge, so they wear at different rates through their life anyhow.

The only question I would ask them is that when the shock is very new (first few hundred miles), will it affect stability under high-speed braking? If so, get them to write that down so you have some comeback if you have to do an emergency stop and the car does not behave.

hope that helps.
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