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Remap or not?

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Have the slightly higher powered 2.0 TDI...It’s just started to run really lumpy on tick over,but still runs really smooth over 1000 rpm.Had it plugged in and shows fuel attenuator at fault.Getting it fixed/replaced next week...Obviously not the quickest car on the planet so was thinking of a remap at the same time as the fix but not expecting much improvement in performance as its a big car...The thing is i don’t want to effect fuel economy too much as it is stunningly good (almost unbelievable).Can anyone say what sort of power gains i can expect and how it would effect economy.

Another concern i have is dreaded dpf issues...My old 2.0L TDI B7 A4 had dpf issues all over the place once i remapped it to the extent that i done away with it altogether which of course made MOT and legality a problem...would the remap give me same problems with this engine?

Am happy to put a bit of money into car as i payed a really really low price for it and as the interior is an exclusive and am told quite rare i intend to keep it for a few years...Any suggestions?
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Addo mate we all have our own takes on this question of course, but personally I would stay well away!!! The manufacturers tend to know what they are doing but of course they have to pass a load of stupid noise and emissions tests, so in my experience I change the air filter for a BMC or K and N and then possibly the exhaust so that the engine can breathe better, but leave the ECU alone......
Had my 2.0tdi re-map done a few weeks back and can say it's improved the mpg by miles.
My partners travel to work (15 mile journey with a few junctions and traffic lights and a couple of long straight sections) would show on the dis as a average of 44 mpg, it's now over 50 mpg.
Longer journeys tend to be around 58 mpg.
So that's improved our fuel costs.

As for the car being a little sluggish, yes it was, but not now. Massive improvement.
Effortlessly glides through the gears. A pleasure to drive.

Having said that, will it ware things out or end the engines life sooner!? A chance I personally am willing to take.

You pay your money you take your choice.
I would do it! The remaps are generally what the car should be from manufacturer! They are de-tuned to take in to account, poor fuel, poor servicing, extreme climates, poor owners! :)

This is why also, most find after a remap, especially on a diesel, the mpg actually goes up!

your old B7 would have had the early DPFs, which because the engine were not originally designed for, they gave issues, remapped or not! DPFs don't like short journeys and want a good long journey from time to time to keep them happy.

It's all relative, yes the remap makes your engine give more power, but this doesn't mean parts will wear out faster or prematurely. Thrash your car around and that will wear things and reduce service intervals, remap or not! So unless your thrash your car everytime you drive it and all the time, the reliability or life of parts will be the same with or without a remap. Your service indicator will reduce the miles to next service if you drive hard. So treat it well and reduce the service intervals by about 25% and it will give you the same life out of the car as without a remap.

I had an B6 A4 1.9 tdi avant, that at 72k miles, the gearbox went. Luckily I'm handy with tools, so £100 and a new 1st/2nd gear syncro ring later, it was fixed. Then I had a remap done and did about 30k miles more with no probs! Sold it in 2015 after 9 years ownership and last time I checked the MOT history, it had 240k miles on it! It also returned 72mpg average! Some say those 1.9 PD engines were the best, the cam was a 'soft' point so needed to use the proper engine oil. Seen 1.9s with 600bhp! :D

Basically a remap will up the power by about 40bhp, so the car will take it so long as you don't abuse it, but that said, not having the remap won't guarantee it won't die if you abuse it. :)

Had my A5 3.0tdi remapped to 310bhp and it was fine for 4 years when I sold it and got my S5, remapped that and got 480bhp! :D

Remaps will keep everything within the limits and tolerances, like EGTs, timing, boost, fuel, so they are quite safe, so long as they are performed by a decent company. Even cheap 'generic' remaps come from the bigger remap brand companies, as little remap companies will just buy off the shelf remaps. Nothing wrong with that, they generally just give slightly less power as the limits are pulled back a bit to increase the safety margin when applied to numerous cars that are not dyno mapped.
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