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Rear warning sensor question ? vag com mod

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When I back up, I usually let the clutch out just enough to get the car going and then put it into neutral (clutch out), drifting as far as I need to (especially backing out of my garage/driveway which goes down hill a bit). Otherwise, I am moving backwards faster than I really want to (I rarely find myself backing up any great distances). I have noticed that my back up camera stays on until I start moving forward again, but the rear sensors only funtion when the gear shift is in the reverse position. This puts me in a situation where I can't rely on feedback from the sensors. Is this how everybody's rear sensors work, and I wonder if it is alterable via vag com. Aerodave to the rescue!!!
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That's not how mine work. My sensors will stay on until I start driving forward and reach a spead of approx 10mph+.
I am hoping your wrong Vin, but then again, if those without the camera can do it, seems like software may still be involved. Hopefully others will chime in here, and the GURU (aerodave) can find a fix for us. If this can be altered via vag-com, me thinks this will be a future purchase. Rab88, do you have parking plus or advanced?
Parking Plus. Someone in the UK with Advanced should have a check.
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