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Rear sway bar

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Hi, currently looking at fitting a rear sway bar to my A5 3.0tdi.
I'm looking at the hardrace and 034 bars, hardrace it seems is hollow whereas 034 is solid.
Can anyone reccomend which rear sway bar is best.

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Yes my car is a quattro.
Is the hardrace and 034 not thicker than the h&r?
Would you say the solid bar would work better than a hollow one
What sway bar would you go for the solid or hollow? Cheers
How important is it to use these locating pressed nuts? As when trying to undo the sway bar bush bracket two have pushed out and the only way around this is cutting them off as they've seized. Can i just replace with a nut and bolt or is it advisable that I use the roundish push fut nuts?

This is the pressed nut, you can see I had to cut one off. I think I'll have to cut them all off and use new bolts and nylon nuts as you say. Only thing I was worried about is if that pressed "nut" is crucial for keeping the sway bar bracket central.
1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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