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Rear Spoiler stuck on the up position

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Hi guys I wonder if anybody can shed some light on this ? Ok battery went flat after I told the car dealer it looked like a problem and when the new battery was put into place the
Spoiler didn鈥檛 want to play anymore 馃檮 so is stuck in the UP position.
Ps took the RS for a good run today Oh my god it鈥檚 pure mental and love it 馃お
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Plugged it in into a fault reader but no faults mechanic did tell me to go over 60 MPH and maybe it will reset but to no avail.
Will it manually retract with the switch? Have you checked the fuse?
No it won鈥檛 馃槥 yep the garage tried the fuses so they say ?? It鈥檚 booked in now the local Audi dealer as they reckon it might need updating the software? I鈥檓 not paying for any of this so will leave them at it .
Finally got it sorted 馃樀鈥嶐煉 it was because the new battery needing coding 馃憤馃徎
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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