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Rear Calipers

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I recently put the winter tires on and now that my five-spoke rims give me a better view of the rear caliper, I noticed that they look kind of strange (to me anyway) almost like they are missing a cover. There are exposed metal clips, which I assume are for the pads, but look like they could be for a caliper cover, and no "S5" emblem like the font brakes.

Is this normal? I've only had the car a few weeks and have no idea if this is what the rear brakes look like. I would just go look at another S5 but of course, I can't find one!


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Yepp they're the same on my 2009 S5. I also reacted on this when I got it... how hard could it be to put an S5 logo on the rear ones! Damnit Audi.
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