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Every A5 & S5 I've seen (4 so far) has got visible moulding marks/ripples in the rear bumper. These are around and between the reversing sensors and a few across the centre of the bumper too, always in the same place. They are minor but look like dents as if the car has been reversed into a thin post gently.

Does your A5/S5 have the same markings? The best way to see them is to be at 45 degrees to the rear bumper, having your eyes level with it, and looking at the flat vertical surface. Then move slowly from side to side rather than focusing on one place. If it were in the door, it would be very noticeable, but because the bumper isn't a large flat area, it's not.

It may be early production issue or a characteristic of the bumper, but until enough owners register the issue, Audi won't look at it.

Audi agreed to replace my bumper because they could see the marks too, and my car has just come back from the body shop after having had a replacement sprayed and fitted, but the marks are there just the same. I'd expect to see plastic moulding marks on a sub £10K car, but not a premium brand £40k+ car.

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