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Radiator grille

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Hi been told by Audi part number is 8TO853651H T94 for my reg. no.
There's one for sale on ebay part number 8TO853651H VMZ
Does anyone know if it will fit? The parts manager at Audi "thinks" it will. He said he thinks the last 3 digits are colour coding, but I can't return it if it's wrong. Thank you.
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I think VMZ is for the black optics/styling pack so it won’t have chrome on it.
The Audi parts manager should know really!
What year is your Audi? For my 2011 S5 with black optic pack the colour code for the grille is indeed VMZ
The partnumber you quote is for a facelift A5. The T94 colour code looks to be gloss black and chrome, the VMZ is matt black.


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