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Radiator blues....

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Hey gang,
My lovely old S4 is a 2005 vintage and now has about 215k kms under her wheels but is still performing really great. I recently had an issue so wanted to tell yas.
I had driven up to the north of Italy one weekend and covered about 1600 kms and the car was great, I went firstly to Alba (near Turin) and then visited Milan on the way back. I was cruising along happily on cruise control towards Orte where I planned a fuel and coffee stop when the dash lit up to tell me that the engine water level was low. I slowed down and as I would be in Orte within 30 minutes I carried on with an eye on the temperature guage of course, which never moved from 90 degrees.
Arrived in the town I purchased 2 litres of top up fluid and opened the bonnet and the cap. When the first litre went in the level came back up, but then with some wierd "drinking" noises the level went back down but with no water under the car!!! Wierd. The same happened with the second litre so I limped the car round to a mate's house and asked his opinion.
When he collected his garden hose to the car we found where the water was going: INTO THE FRONT SPOILER!!!!

So I left the car with him and he took it to a VAG specialist. 450 Euro later she is back on the road. The radiatior had corroded from the inside, perhaps some incorrect fluids??? The official stealer wanted 850 plus VAT for the rad, we found one in Germany for 250 Euro and the rest was labour.

I will try to add a photo he took for me of the rad.Thanks Simon
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