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This is a detail which Robert has carried out on his own car. Its quite an interesting one so I wanted to share it with you all just to show you what can he achieved!

Well after decided to change my car, I sold the BMW and got myself a Saab 9-5 Hot Aero....for those who dont know this is the one with the 2.3 High Pressure Turbo producing 250bhp as standard and very easy to tune.

This is how the car arrived home:

Over the last few days I have detailed the car, steam cleaning the interior, the leather, treating the leather with Swissvax Leather Cleaner and Swissvax Leather Softner:

Replaced the front badge as all worn...decided on an old skool Saab badge:

So Today I decided to correct the 9-5, after taking various paint depth readings I knews i was going to be using different compounds and technique for different panels as there are some which have been resprayed...So onto some pics:



But there was some previous touch ups and a deep scratch, this will be fixed at a later date:

More swirling and oxidisation:

And this is after the correction:

50/50 with the front door/rear door:

On the top of the doors there were deeper scratches but were removed:

The front door after correction:

There front wing was also oxidised and heavely swirled and madly marred:

50/50 on the front wing:

Corrected front wing:

At this stage I took a picture of the reflection on the panels which had been corrected:

Onto the bonnet....which was really badly oxidised and swirled giving a very poor reflection:


Corrected and a much better reflection:

Onto the bumper, someone had attacked it with a brillo pad:

After correction:

There were a few things needing fixed on the bumper so might get it resprayed :(

I did the other side which was like what you always saw in previous pics (nothing more exciting) then it started to rain....I was fortunate to finish the correction so tomorrow will add the protection, just trying to decide on which wax i will use.....


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So today I was going to continue with the detail on my 9-5 when I got a call from my mum..."someone has damaged you car", so went round to see how bad it was...expecting the worse and hoping for the best, I turned up and someone had thrown an egg at the car:

With the sun out and the car being black the egg was starting to fry on the paintwork...this is not good as egg has acid fat and protein in it (thanks to my friend Gordon for pointing that out) which will eat into the paint the first thing i did was spray the effected areas with APC, picked off the shell and blasted with the PW, then snowfoamed with Chemical Guys Citrus Snowfoam and again rinsed, washed the car with Dodo Juice Born to be Mild rinsed and dried with a Dodo Juice Supernatural Drying towel. At this point the damage was clear :(

This was the impact spot:

and the run off had stained the paint:

So I attempted to correct the run off and etching with my DA, using Scholls Concept S17 compound and a Black Chemical Guys Hex Logic pad which worked well, the impact area and some etching will require wet sanding and didnt have time to do that this will be done another time...

So once fixed I applied Swissvax Cleaner Fluid to the car:

Which was left for 10-15 mins and buffed off:

I then applied Swissvax Shield...This was contains PTFE (as found on non stick frying pans) which is fantastic for durability with 8+ months been known:

This was left for 30 mins then buffed off then left for an hour and the second layer of wax was applied, this time I wanted depth to the paint, so I opted for Swissvax Best of Show:

Whilst the wax was curing I applied Zaino Z2 to the alloys to give some depth then applied Swissvax Autobahn wheel wax:

then applied Swissvax Pneu to the tyres, personally i think this is the best tyre dressing on the market giving a nice natural finish:

Leaving the Autobahn and Pneu to cure a little, I dressed the exterior trim with Swissvax Nano Express, this is expected to give a few months protection in itself, but ill be using every month:

The exterior rubbers were perrishing so treated with Swissvax Seal Feed, this again is one of the best products on the market for this purpose:

The glass was treated to Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol and the wax was buffed, Autobahn buffed, tyre dressing wiped the end results:

There is probably more going to happen, just some little bits to fix further...but thats up to date so far :)

Thanks for viewing

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