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Remember last winter? Protect your investment now with a winter protection detail!

Winter is coming and if it is anything like last year you need to get your car protected now. You should be aware that councils are using an additive to salt and grit to make it stick to the roads. Unfortunately, it also makes the grit and salt stick to your car.

With the road salt (and additive), as well as the usual road grime, ice, dirt etc, washing your car becomes more of a chore and can potentially inflict damage to your paint. If you have tried during the winter to wash your car, usually you will notice the “sticky” feeling.

To help protect your car throughout the coming winter, Prism Detailing are offering a “Winter Protection Detail”, which will protect all the surfaces of the vehicle and make it easier to maintain the finish yourself.

Usually we offer this service from £180, but for the forum members we will offer the service from £150

If you are interested in having your car protected for the winter, please book by:

Calling: 07988962936
Email: [email protected]
Website: Prism Detailing - Car Detailing Specialist


Robert Turner
Principle Detailer
Prism Detailing
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