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Its been a while since i did my last write up but i thought i would share this one. I was contacted by the owner to detail his BMW M3 (matte) and his partners Ford Focus RS.

This detail i did another video incase you prefer having a look:

YouTube - ‪Prism Detailing - Ford focus RS Swissvax Detail Full (Alternative version)‬‏

DISCLAIMER: I will make this very clear, my video is not for any tuition, nor does it show the full extent of the job (otherwise the video will last for many hours), it is small snippets of the process and like previous videos its a bit of fun.

For the more in depth write up....

The car had previous been washed at a car wash before turning up but with travelling to the unit when was nominated to work out of by the owner (this unit had no available water supply) but these are the pics how it turned up:

The exterior was cleaned using Chemical Guys EcoSmart in conjunction with the steam (vapour) cleaner, no pictures but shown in the video...the car was detarred using Autosmart Tardis misted on the panel an wiped then clayed. The car was then cleaned once again with Chemical Guys EcoSmart only. This applied to the alloys and door shuts as welll.

Then engine bay was steam cleaned:


After (also trreated with Chemical Guys Silkshine trim dresser):

At this point the paintwork was inspected for defects (swirls etc):

Took paint depth readings (average shown):

Correction stage consisted of using the following:

Chicago Pneumatic Rotary
Kestral Das6 DA
Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Pads (Orange/Green/White/Black)
Menzerna Compounds

Initially with this stage i used Schollls Concept compounds but found the Menzerna compounds worked easier on this case. Choose a test panel and quickly decided on a combination. A majority of the car was corrected using Menz Power Finish followed by Final Finish. As some points did move up to Power Gloss and Orane pad for the deeper scratches, but this was isolated to ensure minimal removal of the clear coat. Each stage was followed by an IPA wipedown to ensure the finish.

the only 50/50 shot i got (but video shows more):

After correction:

Car was then treated using Swissvax Cleaner Fluid then the initial layer of Swissvax Shield was applied:

The Swissvax shield was also applied to the door shuts and the painted areas within the engine bay:

After the paintwork was buffed removing excess from the Swissvax Shield:

Allowing the wax to cure, I started to work on the little bits like the alloys, windows, rubbers etc.....The alloys were treated to Zaino Z2 followed by Swissvax Autobahn, the tyres treated to Swissvax Pneu applied using a Swissvax Pneu brush. The windows were treated to Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol, the rubbers treated to Swissvax Seal Feed, the plastics treated to Swissvax Nano Express. The exhaust was treated to Swissvax Metal Polish and 00 grade steel wool:

The second layer of wax was applied, Swissvax Best of Show, this was applied by hand and left to cure whilst i moved onto the interior:

The interior was hoovered, in all honesty not much was needed done as the interior was mint ! So the seats were protected using 303 fabric guard and the trim treated to Swissvax Quick Interior Finish.

Once finished the car was buffed to remove the excess from the BOS an this was the finished results:

The owner was happy with the results.....

If you are interested add Prism Detailing on the following social networking sites:

Youtube: YouTube - ‪PrismDetailing's Channel‬‏
Facebook: Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More
Twitter: Prism Detailing (PrismDetailing) on Twitter (this should be updated more than it is!)

Thanks for viewing

Prism Detailing
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