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2014 A4Q/8K 6MT MMI 3G+
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Need more info here -- take a picture of the vehicle information sticker affixed to the body under the boot floor and post it here -- need to see the engine code and PR options.

Your local indy tech used VCDS to read the fault codes from the ECU. The VAG electronic catalogue lists multiple part numbers for this oxygen sensor:
8R0906262 (7MG, 7MJ)
03L906262Q (7MM)
Which one depends on the specific engine and build code 7MG/7MJ or 7MM.
Say it's 03L906262Q; in the U.S., the dealer list price is 106 USD, which is the price a dealer or indy shop will charge to replace. If you work with an independent VAG shop, they will often use your part, but won't warrantee the repair and charge a higher labour rate.
In any case, £220 is reasonable to R&R this sensor, IMO. Failure to replace the sensor will affect emissions performance adversely. If your MOT does emissions testing, this will likely cause a fail at your next test. --g
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