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:help: I ordered a 2010 2.0TFSI S-line in Ibis white. Here in Canada it comes standard with the split-Y 19's.

I have definitely decided on the H&R OE Sport Springs for a 1" drop but I am still undecided about which size spacers to buy. The car doesn't arrive in Canada from Germany for another 6 weeks but I would like to have the parts in hand before the car has arrives as the last last thing I want is more waiting.

I've done a lot of searching and know that a lot of members run 20/25, or 15/20. However most pics are of S5's with the split 5's or non-sline cars.

Does anyone (TXcarguy!!) have pics of a 2010 2.0 s-line with split 19's, a 1" drop from H&R OE Sport Springs and spacers (either 10/15, 15/20, 20/25).

I want the tires pushed all the way to the fender line without sticking out. On some vehicles (I believe non s-lines) it looks like 20/25 is too much and you end up with the 4x4 look with the wheels sticking out of the wheel wells.
I really like the DRE spacers over the DR's for the obvious reason of using the factory bolts and not having to mess with spacers every season when I change my tires/wheels (Oh Canada, you are sooo expensive!)

I look forward to some exact pics so I will know what to order. Thanks in advance!
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