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I have just taken delivery of a 1.8 tfsi sport. It is an ex demo and i notice when i lifted the arm rest today that there appears to be some sort of metal connection points inside.

Does this man that i have phone prep? if so what do i have to do to get a phone working and will this allow me to Bluetooth it? i have a Nokia 6300.

It only works if you take off the 1.8 tfsi badge and replace it with an S5 badge on the boot (trunk) - just kidding.....

It usually means you have basic phone preparation, which would allow you to connect a phone using a cradle, which uses wires. You might try looking for devices with oyur mobile phone's bluetooth within the first 3-5 minutes after you turn on iginition to see if it detects the audi's bluetooth, but i doubt it.

It's really just that most people get the bluetooth, and it's cheaper to produce just a standard armrest rather than several different ones....

Sorry - but I don't think you get the phone functionality unless you ordered it, you just have the prep....
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