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I had the same problem I tested the BMW and yes it drives well.
I owned a BMW320coupe for 3 year before going to a Audi TT for the last 3 years and I just feel that current BMW are the Ford of the 90's and you see so many of them. The A5 is new you don't see one on every corner and I feel the resale value will be excellent in 3 years as they are in short supply currently so the 3 year old ones will be popular in the second hand market.
I've order the A5 1.8TFSi Sport in quartz grey plus some extra's and take delivery 1st March (I hope). Cost wise you get more for your £ with A5 and if you get 2 dealers wanting your business you can get a 5% discount aswell.
But at the end of the day is your call.
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