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i found a thread in another forum on audiworld regarding this. what are your thoughts on this? i eventually want to get a new set of wheels and an exhaust. but what should i get done first? or does it not really matter? dont want to drop 7K or so at once.
It really depends on how you drive or "use" your car. If your car is a 'cruiser' they go for the mods that update the looks (e.g. wheels/springs) and sound (e.g. exhaust).

OTOH, if you are 'seriously' driving the car, then you need to consider more performance-minded mods... e.g. forged wheels to decrease the huge amount of weight the stock wheels add to the car, coilovers (instead of springs), and exhaust (cat back first, then if you have the budget downpipes and sport cats).

The first of the two options can keep you under the 7k mark...wheels $2500 to $4000, springs $300 (install additional), exhaust (milltek) $1700 + about $500-1200 install (depending on who does it).

The second option will be way over 7k, two or three piece forged wheels run about $3500-6000 (without tires), coil overs can run between $1300 and $2500 (before install), cat back is about $1300 and down pipes & sport cats are more $$$.

So it depends on what you want to do with the car. Mine is a cruiser (but I sometimes like to drive it seriously :D)...

Good luck deciding.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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