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Part nr question

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Hello Guys
Please help me
I had a little accident and I need a new Bonnet. It is a facelift one
My part nr is 8T0823373
I searched for a used one but what I found with same nr, they all said that is a nr for a Prefacelift modell. So I am very confused.
I called Audi and they said it fits both modells… I have a friend with a 2009 model (mine is 2015) and I did measurements and they are not the same!!!!
Can it be that 2 different parts have the same nr??
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PLEASE mate yer lady is stunning but we wanna see the car!!!!! Re your question u can contact these guys they have a wealth of Audi parts and knowledge Audi Parts & Spares | Audi Breaker | Prestige Motor Services Ltd
Yeah, that's odd. ETKA tells us that MY2015 A5 bonnet PN is supposed to be 8T0823029H; the MY2009 bonnet PN is 8T0823029D. ETKA also tells that PN 8T0823373 was replaced by 8T0823029 and is currently listed as 8T0823029D (which is what is fitted to your friend's coupe). --g
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