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Pair of S5 heated seats

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I’m looking for a pair of S5 heated seats to replace the S line seats in my coupe.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the seats in the car. In fact, they’re the most comfortable I’ve ever sat in. However, Herself has always had issues with them. Which issues were brought into sharper focus after she sampled the seats in Junior’s S5 recently. Since then, the paeans to the comfort of those seats (and the disparaging of the perfectly good S line seats) have just got louder and louder. As replacing the seats is likely to be less expensive (just) than divorce, here we are.
So, I’m specifically after power adjusted and heated seats (complete with appropriate seat modules) in black leather or black leather/alcantara, sorta like this:

Happy to consider part-ex, but the real bugger is going to be shipping, unless I get real lucky and find someone in Oz who’s willing to part with a pair of seats.
PM me if interested.
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Or put her in the boot...

Whitta, you say that like it's a bad thing...???

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Whitta.........been away for months and the first sniff of Mrs whittas favourite bum warmers and you come rushing back......
Well, in 25 days of the relevant post...almost as slow as an Aussie barman in a London hotel.

Thought you had been killed to death for not sorting the seats sooner, or divorced and had all your worldly goods taken in settlement, including internet access and your a5oc password.
I had visions of your new to you wheels..I thought utes would make a nice change

Then I saw this and thought the name would save you the cost of private plates as you launched yourself into the matures single scene...

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Do you really think I would let you have a coupe in the post divorce financially distressed world I had invented for you? Of course the mighty boy is a ute....

Suzuki surprised everybody by developing a small Coupé Utility version based on the sporty Cervo. Based on the principles and regulations of the Japanese keijidōsha class of vehicles, the Mighty Boy was released in February 1983. While retaining the look of the Cervo with its wide B-pillars, the Mighty Boy had its own rear design. A small flat bed of no more than 600 mm length was only of limited utility, but the low slung driving position was both more comfortable and completely unlike any of the cab forward pickups in the Japanese micro truck market. The (comparatively) spacious cabin also offered sliding and reclining seats, and a reasonably large luggage area behind the seats.
The Mighty Boy was equipped with a 543 cc, SOHC three-cylinder transversely mounted engine (F5A). However, unlike its cousin, the Cervo, no turbo was available for the Mighty Boy. Driving the front wheels through a four-speed manual or optional two-speed automatic gearbox, the single-carb F5A motor delivered 28 PS (21 kW) JIS at 6,000 rpm of power at the flywheel. The model designation for the Suzuki Mighty Boy is SS40T.
First generation Mighty Boys were fitted with 10" wheels, and sported a horizontally finned grille, identical to the Cervo. While the Cervo used rectangular headlights, the Mighty Boy, as befitting the cheapest automobile available in Japan, used cheaper round sealed-beam units on most versions. The dashboard, seats, and steering wheel were not the Cervo units; the Mighty Boy instead received the lower cost units from the Alto Van (SS40V).[1] Facelift PS-L models received unique seats, which although still similar to those featured in the Cervo CS/G featured a customised embossed "Mighty Boy" logo.
The range consisted of two variants, largely corresponding to the Cervo CS and CS-D/CS-QD[1]:
  • PS-A - This 'base' model carried over the 10" wheels from the first generation Mighty Boy and was available with a four-speed manual transmission only.
  • PS-L and PS-QL - This model was equipped with bucket seats, chrome roof tie-down rails, a coupé-style rear deck cover, and a tachometer. In contrast to the base model, it also offered the choice of a two-speed automatic (PS-QL).
In early 1985 the facelifted Mighty Boy received minor cosmetic upgrades, including a restyled front grille and mirrors. The costlier PS-L variant also benefitted from a five-speed manual gearbox, new seats, larger 12" wheels, and rectangular headlights.[1] A new carburettor increased power somewhat, to 31 PS (23 kW). Australian cars were all of the facelift type and claimed 22.7 kW (30.9 PS; 30.4 hp) and 43.1 Nm at 3,500 rpm.[2]
By January 1988, a new Cervo had been presented and the SS40C was discontinued, bringing with it the end of the Mighty Boy.

Export marketsEdit

Australian market Mighty Boy with luggage rails
The only regular export markets for the Suzuki Mighty Boy were Australia and Cyprus between 1985 and 1988. Imported through Suzuki/Ateco, Australia received a hybrid of the Japanese PS-A and PS-QL second generation Mighty Boy that included chrome roof rails, bucket seats and 12" wheels. However, it did not include such items as a tachometer or the five-speed manual gearbox. The manual version sold for A$5,795 when introduced to Australia, the cheapest automobile available there at the time.
About 2,800 were imported, but only 300 to 400 now exist.

I think you should buy one so Mrs Whitta can try out those Australia market bucket seats..

If 30 bhp sounds a bit weedy tuning options are available, although not suzuki approved

suzuki mighty boy v8 - Google Search
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