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Pair of S5 heated seats

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I’m looking for a pair of S5 heated seats to replace the S line seats in my coupe.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the seats in the car. In fact, they’re the most comfortable I’ve ever sat in. However, Herself has always had issues with them. Which issues were brought into sharper focus after she sampled the seats in Junior’s S5 recently. Since then, the paeans to the comfort of those seats (and the disparaging of the perfectly good S line seats) have just got louder and louder. As replacing the seats is likely to be less expensive (just) than divorce, here we are.
So, I’m specifically after power adjusted and heated seats (complete with appropriate seat modules) in black leather or black leather/alcantara, sorta like this:

Happy to consider part-ex, but the real bugger is going to be shipping, unless I get real lucky and find someone in Oz who’s willing to part with a pair of seats.
PM me if interested.
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Hi JW,

I was searching the internet for some used S5 seats for you and found this S5 car that is being parted out in QLD. It has the Black Alcantara/Leather Super Sport Seats that you want but I do not know if they're heated with power adjustment.
Plat, you little legend! I’ll contact them first thing tomorrow to see what’s what. Thank you!
JW, let us know what you think of those seats once you have more info from the wrecking yard.
So, contacted the wrecker in Revesby (which is in New South Wales, not Queensland, by the way. That’s a good thing - hundreds of kilometres further south and, therefore, more likely to have heated seats. Only the truly insane have heated seats in sub-tropical Queensland!), but have yet to hear back.
Mind you, I’m not holding my breath. A closer examination of the pix supplied in the ad show the passenger window open and covered by a bit of ragged plastic, which don’t bode well for the condition of the seats. Also, there doesn’t appear to be any seat heater buttons on the HVAC panel.
That's one of the downsides when sourcing seats from a salvage yard, the interior of the car is rarely protected from the elements. Hopefully, better pics of the seats will be provided by the yard so you can determine if its salvageable or not.

Not sure if you're up to some kind of seat restoration and retrofit project if those seats from the S5 wreck have potential. It may be a fun project.

If the seats are just covered in dust/dirt, it should be easy to remove the covers and have them thoroughly cleaned and the leather restored to good condition. Hopefully, the leather isn't cracked or worn out. The seat bottom looks like they're still in good condition based on the photo. As for the heating function, it may be possible to transplant yours into it. Theoretically, I suspect that the heating element is the similar between the Super S Sport Seats and the Regular Seats. I took a peak in the parts catalogue and all the seat heater numbers are the same except for the suffix at the end which is different across different seat styles.
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1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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