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Pair of S5 heated seats

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I’m looking for a pair of S5 heated seats to replace the S line seats in my coupe.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the seats in the car. In fact, they’re the most comfortable I’ve ever sat in. However, Herself has always had issues with them. Which issues were brought into sharper focus after she sampled the seats in Junior’s S5 recently. Since then, the paeans to the comfort of those seats (and the disparaging of the perfectly good S line seats) have just got louder and louder. As replacing the seats is likely to be less expensive (just) than divorce, here we are.
So, I’m specifically after power adjusted and heated seats (complete with appropriate seat modules) in black leather or black leather/alcantara, sorta like this:

Happy to consider part-ex, but the real bugger is going to be shipping, unless I get real lucky and find someone in Oz who’s willing to part with a pair of seats.
PM me if interested.
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Personally Julian I would sell the missus mate......

Oh no, not at all. Always good to keep a backup in the boot (and, yes, that smell of frying bacon is me burning in Hell!), but Mr Roma does seem to have an... unhealthy obsession on the subject.
Unhealthy???? Na Julian, very healthy my obsessions mate.....
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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