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I've posted this across from Tiking's thread about Brilliant Black...

Does anyone have any experience of the Autoglym Lifeshine product? I had the A-Glaze treatment offered by my dealer on my S4 and thought it was an excellent product - after 53k miles and 4+1/2 years I never polished the car, just gave it a quick wash and it came up like new with water beading on the surface. I also left bird droppings on the paint for some time on several occasions with no ill effect.

The general consensus elsewhere is that the Autoglym isn't very good. I'm looking for a similar product to the A-Glaze (ie a permanent paint protection treatment) which I would probably look to get professionally applied.

I know a lot of people will recommend other high-end products like Swissvax and Meguiars, but my understanding is that these are not permanent and will need re-applying, so I might as well use Mer or similar, which is what I'm trying to avoid.

Any recommendations? I've found Permagard on the net and it looks good, but don't know if I will find someone in my area who does it.
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