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I personally don't like autoglym at all. The polish seems good at first, but it doesn't last long at all.

With regards to a long lasting sealant, I actually quite like Diamondbrite. It used to be an option (not sure if it still is) which BMW dealers favoured.

You've also got SupaGuard. My Dad's XKR has the Supaguard paint protection. One thing I will say is that it doesn't take well to other manufacturer's Waxes (Particularly on black). I've used both Meguiar's #16 AND autoglym on it and it seemed to bring up random light clouds all over the car - even when using a rotory!!

If you're going to Diamondbrite, you may choose to do it yourself or get it done professionally. I thought Diamondbrite was pretty impressive. BUT, that was on BMW paint. I always find products work differently with different paint types.

Hope that helps.

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