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I've not got any further with it, but have had it come back. Interestingly it came back after a hit a big pothole and at the same time the brake pad wear indicator came on the dash. I mentioned the brake pad light to the garage who checked the pads and said there's plenty of life left. I suspect it might be something shorting when the suspension is compressed maybe. Aren't seeing any other symptoms apart from sporadic vcds codes. Let me know if you make any other progress!
I’ve been dealing with a crunching sound whenever I back out of driveway or hit a bump. Brought my car to Audi. 1st they replaced the upper bushings since they were cracked. Drove car for 2 weeks & brought it back for same issue. This time my lower bushings were cracked. 3 weeks later brought it back. Just got it back today. They replaced both front electro hydraulic motor mounts. Now my car drives great… hopefully.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts