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hi guys
ive just placed an order for an A5 2.0, and wanted to run it by you in case i've missed anything obvious

let me know your thoughts



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Please update your profile to reflect your location. Since options vary by country, it will be very helpful for other forum members to know where you're located when providing you with advice.

For instance, I noticed you opted for the "Electrically operated roll-up sun screen for rear window". I've only seen that available on the A5/S5 in a few select countries. I wish we could get that here in the States, but we can't yet.

Looks like you chose a pretty good selection of options.
hey TXcarguy;
thats a good point. ive updated my profile to reflect my location, although currently i live in london

thanks for the comments. only thing im not 100% happy is the black interior - however i dont have an option if i opt for the s line sports package

I notice you've ordered a multitronic version of the 2.0t which is not available here in the UK yet - did they give you an estimated delivery time? Also did you see any performance/mpg figures for this variant?


I was actually suprised I was able to place an order for the Multi. I initially ordered the 1.8 engine with an estimated delivery of Jan 09, however I then changed it to the 2.0 multit engine as above, and the delivery time came forward to Dec 08!

I havent been given any other figures for that engine. I did ask for the DSG gearbox but they said it'll come later on in 2009.

Its interesting though as I would have thought the UK and Cyprus, both being right hand drive markets, would have shared similar options for the A5, however, there are considerable differences. The s-line packages for example are not available in the UK as far as I know. (or at least are not shown in the spec guide on audis website).
You're right Chris, it is strange - I would definately consider changing my order (currently for the 2.7tdi Multi) to the 2.0t Multi if it were available. How difficult is it to import from Greece I wonder?! I guess the Euro exchange rate might be a factor as well.

Anyway, you've made a very good choice & I hope December comes quickly for you!
I reckon its too much hassle to import it!
Whens your estimated delivery date? Could be worth puting the 2.7 on hold. If its out in CY, it shouldnt take too long to come here.

Thanks! :) I really can't wait!
My 'estimated' build date is 29th July but apparently this could come forward or go back so it's pretty much useless in reality. I think you could be right, it might be worth putting it on hold, if the figures are right the 2.0t is an incredible engine.
Yea, if it was me i'd put it on hold. It'll be real shame not to get the much improved engine for a couple of months difference.
Not only that, there might be some other improvements in the car as its a 2009 model.
Alright chris! Welcome and congrats on your order! Seems to me you went for practically everything... I take it the grin on your face comes as a standard! Good thing you opted the rear screen sun blind... It's going to be a must in sunny ol' Cyprus...
Now, regarding the 2.0T (211bhp) variant I am confident it's going to make an awsome car... While the 1.8T is a descent performer, the A'5's chassis just begs for more IMHO!

Thanks G! Can't wait till Dec!
It was funny, when I went to the dealer to pay, I grabbed the "options" booklet to have a read thru once again in case I missed anything... and the dealer was like.. "stop it! there's nothing more put in this car!!"

41C over the weekend in Cyp! You could fry an egg on a rock!! However, Greece shouldn't be too far off either!
on a different note, i dont suppose anyone knows where i could get a better description of what the options i opted are. the uk website doesnt list most of those, and although they're listed in the french & german spec, not speaking the languages doesnt help!
By the way Chris, are DRL's and adaptive Xenons standard in Cyprus? Or maybe inclusive in the sport's pack? Can't recall it being quoted as a separate optional extra in your attached order sheet and I must admit you got me a bit anxious here... You wouldn't want to miss on this one mate!

Nahhh..I've gone thru the spec so many times - I'd never miss such option out!! It comes with the s-line exterior pack!

Thank u! Na'se kala!
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