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I have been a part of these forums for some time now. I mostly just read and don't post but I think it's time. I was looking for an A5 when they first came out, but the only problem was that Audi delayed the release another 6 months(2nd time doing that) so I ran over to BMW and got myself an e92 328xi coupe. My lease ends within the next year and I would like some feedback on the A5. What are some problems that are "normal" for the car? What can I expect in terms of quality and service? Reliability? My BMW so far has been great. No rattles or creaks. How do you guys like your A5's? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, Looking forward soon owning my first Audi.

P.S. My family is a BMW family, we've owned 7 BMW's in the past 8 years.
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