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Online Destinations doesn't work

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Hi guys, since January approximately I can't get my ONLINE DESTINATIONS to work, it says CAN'T CONNECT TO THE SERVER (error screen attached). Other Audi Connect Services such as traffic info, weather, search for cheaper gas stations etc. if they work correctly.
I have contacted Central Customer Service and after several emails with "untrained intern responses", they recognized that there is a service update available, but in my Audi Official Service they do not know anything about this issue . Does anyone know anything about this topic?
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I believe that's due to the Google license issue. It's a shame because that was the best feature of this previous generation of Audi Sat Nav.
I assume you are referring to the Google license for access (among others) to Google Earth, but I am surprised that this is it since the other Audi Connect options work and the error message is very clear: cannot connect to the server that manages destinations online. Does it work for you?
This is not related to the Google Earth access problem. On-line destinations from my Audi account worked correctly for us before AT&T turned off their 3G network in the U.S. in March. I recently reconfigured our MMI 3G+ system to use an external LTE router for mobile data in the U.S. and find that on-line destinations from my Audi account is not supported in so-called LAN mode. I also find it interesting that the error message is similar to what we've seen here in the past, for example, this thread from Sep 2018: MMI 3G+ Audi Connect Server Not Responding ?

In that case, the on-line destination service was unavailable for about a month.
Also, inspection of the "" shows this:
# myAudi Properties
# URL of webservice for accessing the myAudi information (EPR)

# encrypted EPR on Audi webcenter (USA)
BTW, in LAN mode, "" is replaced by the Java archive "myaudiconnect_nodataconnect.jar", for what it's worth. --g
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The technical data escapes me. I understand that now it doesn't work for you, right? Have you reported the issue to Audi Germany?
@Kasi : The problem for us in the U.S. is that we no longer have a telecom carrier that offers 3G service on the bands/frequencies that are compatible with the integrated Cinterion AH6 3G modem since mid-March this year. And the on-line destinations feature appears not to be supported when the MMI 3G+ system is operated in so-called "fair" mode using a DLink USB ethernet adapter to provision the network/internet connection (though I haven't taking much time to investigate this further yet).

That it doesn't work for you since January is interesting -- I'm certain I was able to download my Audi account on-line contacts after January and before AT&T turned off 3G data on us (I may be able to find a screenshot that shows this later). So something else might be causing this problem for you (though I do not know how to debug the problem easily). --g
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I see that I imported destinations from my Audi on-line account on 19 Jan 22 successfully. When I tried to access my on-line destinations again after the 3G shutdown using an external LTE router for internet access, I got essentially the same message:
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I believe this is due to Java file is removed for DLink "fair" mode (that is, no server name is defined). --g
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It would be nice to know if a fellow from Europe gets online destinations to work these days.
Any contribution from Europe?
Anyone in Europe with online destinations problems?
It doesn't work in Germany at this moment. Started to fail maybe 1 year ago
@Kasi : I'm looking at this problem again with our NAR MMI3G+ system configured in "fair" mode to use an external LTE router for internet data. The standard myaudiconnect_nodataconnect.jar "patch" for myAudi is configured to connect to the EU/ROW server and fails for us during the initial connection handshake (output from sloginfo):
LC62DBUG:HttpsUrlConnection: Connecting to  
LC62DBUG:HttpsUrlConnection: HTTPS handshaking to
LC62DBUG:HttpsUrlConnection: Sending http request (POST)/auth/services/AudiConnectorWS/
LC62DBUG:ListCookieHandler.put: Accepted cookie: JSESSIONID=EAD3B696C48C270F6DF84415E9FB1B0B.tomcat00
LC62EROR:LeanSoapTransport.sendReceiveInternal: Caught ioException - transmission incomplete 
LC62EROR:MyAudiConnector.processDownloadEvent: Exception during download of information null
LC62WARN:MyAudiConnector: async exception occured (error code: 2002, msg: Connection to myAudi server failed. (null), rtype:0)
LC62DBUG:lib-util:ApplicationConnectionManager: Usage of DSIDataConnection disabled - assuming successful disconnect
LC62DBUG:MyAudiConnector.processDownloadEvent: total time for download 3.477s
Note that I've found no reports that anyone anywhere has ever used the myAudi function successfully while "fair" mode is configured going back 10 years (or more).
I managed to update the myaudiconnect_nodataconnection.jar file to point to the NAR server (, but now I have a different problem with TLS certificate for the server.

In your case, however, it might be useful to see what the Java process reports in the syslog when you try to download on-line destinations from your myAudi account using the internal 3G data modem internet connection. Capturing the syslog information from a shell script is easy enough with the "sloginfo" command:
sloginfo > <path-to-SD-card>/syslog-$(getTime).txt
@Kasi & @hefopmat87 -- I made a small SD cards script to capture system logs after a myAudi import session (successful or not), available here:

If you have the time and interest to look into why myAudi online import is failing, consider running the SD script and sharing the resulting plain-text log file here. --g
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