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I was trying to decide between the S5 and A5.. Well, we found some houses in ohio, where we will end up for awhile after we leave germany soon. The S5 is a cool car, don't get me wrong. But I could pay off the A5 with S-line, prem package, B&O, Nav in less than a year. With the money saved, I would have no problem with getting a house and a good loan on top of that. If I had a house already set up, I'd have no problem getting the S5 hehe, but I just can't justify it right now.

Now, the only prob is, the color. I have to decide between ice silver, quartz grey, or brill red. The interior will be black of course ( I really don't like the new S Line seats with alcantara inserts). I think the red looks pretty good to me. I also like the quartz bec its not as light as ice silver. But I think there are more silverish looking A5s/S5s than red ones.

What do you guys think? I plan on putting in my order within a few days.

happy driving :)
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