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2014 A4Q/8K 6MT MMI 3G+
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Hmmm. "took it to Audi, who confirmed it was consuming oil however they couldn't help as my car already had the updated piston rings". Did they mean to say it was built with the updated pistons/ring assemblies, or that it was repaired already? Probably the former. Even so, the pistons/rings in our 2.0T petrol engines of this generation continue to be the weak link in their longevity. See this thread, for example: 2014 B8.5 Engine refresh Thread
Audi of America paid to replace the pistons/ring assemblies in our B8 A4 2.0T in 2014; our current B8.5 2.0T at 95K miles still only uses a (very) small amount of engine oil between changes.
Re "upgrading" to a V6, that introduces additional complications (e.g., cooling system, ECU, transmission).
The B8.5s are quite nice for their age, IMO; it's just a shame that Audi dropped the ball on their petrol engine design. --g
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