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Off with the H&Rs! & On with the KW 2s (or 1s)

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Some of you (especially those that were there :)) will remember the mini-meet at APS on 6 Sep when I had the H & R springs fitted (along with spacers and the Milltek).

You may also remember my comments in this post where I said the ride comfort with the H&R's was a lot harsher than I expected. Well it's now got to the point where if I used the car on a daily basis (which I don't) then I would have to either switch back to the standard springs or try something else. The annoying thing is that as others have said, if the car is on a nice flat piece of road, they are great but once you get onto bumps and holes (predominant around where I live), the ride becomes quite jarring.

Well, following yesterday's ride out to and from the Yorkshire Meet, Mrs REB has seen the light and agreed that the ride needs improving - no matter what the cost. I must also thank Whealey and MeteorSilver for their words of wisdom into Mrs REB's shell-like yesterday as that certainly helped the cause - thanks guys.

So tomorrow I'm going to ring Ed at APS and have a chat and hopefully arrange for the fitting of a set of KW's before the week is out (Friday if he can fit me in).
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Agree 100%!

Today I was driving pretty hard around some twisty roads and was blown away by how much better the road hugging ability of the car seems to be with the KWs. I think it even put a smile on my face at that point. :)
TX did you go for the KW1 or KW2?
TX has the KW 2's as the KW 1's are not yet available.
Ok, thanks :)

But am I the only one that thinks APS website needs a redesign? ;)
I can't find any solid info/pricing about the KW packages
Nice to hear that you are satisfied REB :)

Maybe I'm going a bit of topic here but has anybody tried out the H&R Coilovers? Any thoughts on those?
Thanks TX...

So these are the ones that are discussed here, right?

Where can I order these and get them shipped to Sweden? Can't find that info...
You didn't try very hard then...

A little bit of research effort on your part would have saved me the less than 2 minutes it took to find these 2 importers in Sweden. Have a look at the KW web site here for details. They both list KW kits so would be a good place to start asking if they can supply the A5 systems.

Have fun :rolleyes:
Thanks for your two minutes :)
Haha I did try but their site was extremely slow today and I couldn't access all their pages. Actually a lot of pages are slow :(
Something wrong with my ISP connection again
1 - 5 of 39 Posts
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