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Off with the H&Rs! & On with the KW 2s (or 1s)

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Some of you (especially those that were there :)) will remember the mini-meet at APS on 6 Sep when I had the H & R springs fitted (along with spacers and the Milltek).

You may also remember my comments in this post where I said the ride comfort with the H&R's was a lot harsher than I expected. Well it's now got to the point where if I used the car on a daily basis (which I don't) then I would have to either switch back to the standard springs or try something else. The annoying thing is that as others have said, if the car is on a nice flat piece of road, they are great but once you get onto bumps and holes (predominant around where I live), the ride becomes quite jarring.

Well, following yesterday's ride out to and from the Yorkshire Meet, Mrs REB has seen the light and agreed that the ride needs improving - no matter what the cost. I must also thank Whealey and MeteorSilver for their words of wisdom into Mrs REB's shell-like yesterday as that certainly helped the cause - thanks guys.

So tomorrow I'm going to ring Ed at APS and have a chat and hopefully arrange for the fitting of a set of KW's before the week is out (Friday if he can fit me in).
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Adjustment is done by turning the screw at the top of the strut. unfortunately, this can only be done with the strut off the car, so it has to be set before assembly, and if a different setting is desired, it's off with the strut so you don't want to be 'fiddling' with it too often!

This is why the V1 will be popular when it is finally released
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