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OBDELEVEN messed up my remote locking

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Hi all this is my first time posting on here and have found some great advice on certain issues or upgrades.
I bought OBDEleven today and used it to code my new battery wich went well.
I then tried to clear some fault codes after replacing my tail lights to LED. Along the way I think I've selected something in to make the doors not lock or open with the key fob.

2009 A5 2.0T FSI Quattro

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Which Channels in 46 you’ve changed? Tail lights channels are from 195-213. If remote keyfob not working then you changed something in longcoding, check the coding and adaptation log (if you have it) and revert back to old state. Possible solution is to check modules 05, 09 and 46 if you can see when the last coding/adaptation is performed.
Thanks Bpodnar
I checked the log back to when I thought it had happened and found the old coding which I reset back which was very easy....many thanks
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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