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OBD - App / Software for A5 (service reset & issue with backup sensor)

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It has been about 20 years from when I played with the VACOM software when I was doing modifications on my TDI and I need some help with what Scan tool to utilize. I have a Veepeak OBD Bluetooth interface and have been using the "Car Scanner" App for my other vehicles but recall that the AUDI and VW interfaces are proprietary (or maybe I recall this wrong). I have tried to search the forums to find what App is the best or if I need to invest in a new tool without luck. I am looking for some handholding on options for this OBD scanner options (will what I have work). Currently I am looking to reset a service interval that is showing up on the dash (will not reset with oil reset) and trying to diagnose a backup sensor that appears to think it is being followed. Thank you in advance for any constructive guidance on this.
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VAGCOM / VCDS is still the king. OBDEleven is another popular OBD / mobile app.

Your are right that the Veepeak won't work with Audi's proprietory codes. I have one myself and it won't work. You can only read the generic OBD codes.
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For the price what is the better choice?
Buy once cry once or is the extra $ not worth the investment?
OBD2 or Ultimate ??
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