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Numerous, up-close, inside/out pics of an S5

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For those of you who have never seen an S5 in person, now you no longer need to drive down to your local dealership to see one up-close! Just take a look at all these detailed, high-quality shots this guy took of his new baby. And I say "baby" because after looking at all these up-close shots, I was reminded of how proud parents love to take LOTS and LOTS of pics of their newborn child from all angles and in different poses. :) You'll see what I mean after viewing these pics. The only thing the guy seemed to miss taking a picture of was the car's undercarriage. ;)

BTW, this is from a French auto forum. The translated version of the thread can be found here.
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Wow! great pix very detailed....many areas of the car I've never opened even on my demo's at the dealer. Thanks for the link TX!
good find TX!!

Always useful if someone needs to answer a question with photos. continue to be the man ;)
And the translation is just the cherry on top. The opening line is classic:

"Plop all fools of bitumen, and the big cavaleries"

That close up of the rear S5 badge shows the danger of white, to be sure!
Great work, TX. also has great video of the S5 whether it be the 5th gear comparison of the S and 335 or home video of the S accelerating away. Pretty cool... Just go to youtube and enter "Audi S5" in the search field.
i noticed that the interior is different..the mmi is located in the center dash, while our cars here are located below the manual gear box.
That's because this particular S5 did not come with the SatNav option. Forum member scratch113 has done a great job of explaining in which circumstances the MMI controller is mounted on the dash vs. behind the gear shift. You can read about it here.
ahhh..I thought it would be a car without navi, i wasn't too sure because i saw a screen in the center dash. thanks for clearing it up =)
however can you tell me what the AMI is?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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