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Hi guys just wondering if you can help me with few thing got my car in may this year and i have started to find few pr-obs with my S5!

1 Keyless entry has stopped working in last few weeks some times works some times not and now its not working at all!

2 Interior light at night doesn't come on when you turn the car off on the start/stop button until you open doors or take key out of key slot!

3 After driving car longer then 20min on switching the car off it makes noise like clicking in back of drivers and passengers seat

4 Most of times i like to listen to the music of V8 so i don't bother with radio but what i have discovered when i come to stand still i can hear knocking noise coming from under the bonnet and it sounds similar to diesel, av bean back to Audi and they told me that was something to do with some kind of valve which controls air but i don believe them !

5 At night when am coming to car unlocking it by remote coming lights don't come on!

Am going back to Audi on Thursday so am just wondering if anyone has similar problems, I really love my car but am disappointed by all this problems thanks for yo help and am sorry for my spelling mistakes English is not my first language
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