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3 After driving car longer then 20min on switching the car off it makes noise like clicking in back of drivers and passengers seat
The car shuts down things in stages after turning off. You can often hear clicks and mechanisms run afterwards.

4 Most of times i like to listen to the music of V8 so i don't bother with radio but what i have discovered when i come to stand still i can hear knocking noise coming from under the bonnet and it sounds similar to diesel, av bean back to Audi and they told me that was something to do with some kind of valve which controls air but i don believe them !
Not heard any knocking on mine.

5 At night when am coming to car unlocking it by remote coming lights don't come on!
The light setting has to be in the auto position for this to work and the option set to enabled in the MMI. Its on the same page as the coming home enable/disable option.
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