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Picked up from Newport Auctions. A bit neglected.
20190930_094555.jpg 20190926_154059.jpg

Done so far:
New rear tyres
New front and rear discs, pads & fluid flush (not upgraded yet, it just needed some as they were rusted and causing vibration).
Flushed power steering fluid. (Slight vibration on turn, much heavier than my A3 8P and 8P1, fluid is BROWN sludge. Hopefully the pump can last a bit longer now).
All filters done
New passenger window motor
New ABS sensor
Thorough de-grease of engine bay (WAS DISGUSTING!! 10 years of filth, even the fuel filler cap had mould in it).

Bought Ready To Do:
Flush and refill coolant (coolant smells ok but looks brown - reservoir is stained though)
20mm rear spacers
15mm front spacers
Audi dust caps (Of course)
Another oil flush/filter change in 1000 miles (currently has oil additive in).

In the Queue To Buy/Do:
Apex 25mm lowering springs
Heat gun the A5/2.0TDi logos off the back.
304 Motorsport Suspension top mounts - £70
Powerflex poly transmission mount
DMF and Clutch change
Short shifter (if the trans mount and new DMF/Clutch don't rectify the feel of a sloppy gearbox)
New OE dog bone mount and uprated mounts for the other 2
Alu hard intercooler pipe fabrication
3G MMI with Sat Nav retrofit or Android
Speaker upgrade regardless - NEED clarity
Sun visor clips
S-Line dual exit diffuser or rear bumper
Y piece and dual exit straight piped (At first)
EGR delete & Remove EGR cooler
Carbon dip engine bay plastics in blue/black
Carbon dip wiper arms
Carbon dip interior plastics / plastikote gloss black
Retrofit heated seats (custom job on existing leather seats, not replacing them).
Interior light upgrade

Awaiting response from breakers for:
RS5 boot lid with spoiler
RS5 rear arbs and bushes

Big list of aspirations I know. But I want to play about. I've got a 65 plate Kuga up for sale as it seems we aren't having kids now. Interestingly the Kuga gearbox is tighter and better than any Audi manual I've. A3 8L and A3 8P1. The less said about Gen 1 DSG the better!

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PAS improved but still a slight vibration on turning more noticeable at low speed.

Still much heavier and slow to respond the rest of the time than what it should be. Shopping for a new pump.
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