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Somebody mentioned that if you don't have Sat Nav then you get a smaller MMI screen?

Can anyone confirm if this is the case? I've looked at lots of photos but I can't tell the difference. The dealer certainly didn't mention it :mad:


My understanding is that the screen is slightly different for the Satnav system. In the UK brochure, all A5/S5s come with a 6.5" screen as standard, and I believe that the Satnav comes with a 7" screen, but I could be wrong about this as I can't find any reference to it in the sales brochure. It was something my dealer mentioned when I was ordering my car though. Best to check with your dealer if you want a definitive answer.

As to retro-fitting the Satnav, even this were possible, I would think it would be prohibitively expensive. Seeing as Audi charge £2000 in the UK for the system in the first place, fitting it as a retro-fit item would be approximately double that (as a guess, assuming you could find a dealer willing to arrange it for you) so really not worth it.
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